Industrial Weight Measurement

Process instrumentation for weight measurement provides many unique solutions for industrial clients who need a reliable means for automating processes that would otherwise consume substantially more resources.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has a proven track record for helping our clients identify instrumentation and process control solutions designed to maximize quality, efficiency and accuracy while minimizing waste, risk and equipment wear.

Weight Measurement Instrumentation

Weight (also called mass) measurement is calculated using gravitational force on a given substance.

The technology for deriving this metric is relatively simple — especially as compared to other instrumentation metrics — and correspondingly inexpensive. For this reason, our team frequently specifies weight-measuring technology as a key component of process control and instrumentation design projects.

Calibration of Industrial Weight Measurement Instruments

For this metric in particular, regular calibration is necessary to ensure the veracity of readings.

The technology used in this calculation is subject to gradual degradation, due to the constant load exerted on sensor elements. For this reason, we recommend that our clients arrange regular testing, maintenance and calibration.

However, because our expert instrumentation and process control team understands this risk, we utilize technologies designed to minimize the risk of errors, including redundancies.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation also offers expert maintenance and repair for facilities with automation, instrumentation and process controls. This can help reduce unexpected failure and the resulting downtime, which cuts directly from your bottom line.

In Utah, call on the experts of Double D to learn more about how we incorporate weight measurement sensors and technology as a critical component of instrumentation systems.