Industrial Temperature Measurement

Temperature measurement, sometimes called thermometry, is a critical component of industrial process control and automation. However, compared to many other types of instrumentation metrics, temperature poses some unusual challenges.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation uses a variety of technologies to produce reliable measurements of temperature in industrial electrical applications, including thermistors, thermocouples, resistance elements, thermography, thermometers and probes.

Industrial Temperature Measurement Instrumentation Design

This calculation provides facilities owners and managers with important feedback on industrial processes. Excess heat, always a risk in industrial settings, can damage sensitive process control instruments and valuable equipment. Depending on the nature of your processes and materials, heat can also contribute to a variety of safety concerns.

Temperature is one of the most common measurements we use, but achieving true accuracy requires in-depth knowledge and experience.

Our approach to instrumentation system design considers first the client’s overarching objectives as well as the elements that require monitoring.

Measuring Temperature in Industrial Electric Applications

Today’s temperature-sensing technologies provide a wealth of options for obtaining thermal data as well as for monitoring and feedback.

The best choice of instruments depends on the rigors of the application and the depth of accuracy required. Our experienced design team creates the system’s architecture, but it is our master electricians who make the magic happen in the field.

Industrial temperature sensors must have regular inspections, testing and calibration to ensure accuracy. To assist with maintaining your system’s sensors, we offer preventive maintenance and repair in addition to our new construction and retrofit services.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation understands the challenges of designing and installing process control and instrumentation systems. However, we also recognize the importance of establishing failsafe protocols to avoid problems. Contact us today to discuss your instrumentation and temperature measurement needs.