Process Control Technicians

At Double D Electrical & Instrumentation, our process control technician services help ensure that you obtain the greatest possible value from your process automation and control technology.

Today, most industries rely on automated processes to support product or service delivery, and downtime cuts directly into your bottom line. Our expert process controls team has extensive training and experience in all major control platforms and technologies, including DCS, PLC and more. Our experience spans many industries, from public and private utilities to refineries, biotech, pharma and more.

Call on Utah’s most trusted process control technicians for all your electrical, instrumentation and process controls needs.

Distributed Controls Systems (DCS) Technician

For the large-scale automation and control of manufacturing and production processes, DCS technology provides a time-tested approach that improves reliability and accuracy.

By distributing control system components throughout the facility — as opposed to centralizing — our team can assist you in creating a more efficient and reliable approach to process control. With dedicated, zoned controllers and dependable communications network architecture, you can monitor and control multiple processes and continuous loops.

The primary advantage of using DCS technology for your facility’s process controls is that, should a done component of the system fail, the balance can continue unaffected until we can bring the failed component back online.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Technician

Today’s PLC technology provides an exceptional level of processing power and networking capability, providing solutions previously only available with DCS.

With the flexibility to choose fixed or modular PLCs, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation can design and program PLC systems specifically for the needs of the client and their facility. Because PLC technology works across multiple programming languages, this approach to process controls offers extraordinary flexibility for achieving client objectives.

Integrated Process Controls Contractor

The DDEI technicians have the advanced knowledge and capability to design, install, start up and maintain complex, integrated process controls systems of any size and scope.

We provide advanced, fully automated and human-machine interface design and programming, using the most efficient and cost-effective approach based on your needs. And because coordination and support from vendors and manufacturers can leave end-users frustrated and confused, our team works to ensure a seamless, full-service experience for every client.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has been providing exceptional service to our Utah clients for more than two decades. Despite our extensive capacity, we have retained our dedication to a highly personalized experience for every client. We think you’ll appreciate the difference that working with a locally owned and operated company can make in the project delivery experience.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project, or to learn more about our automation and process controls technician services.