Instrumentation Technicians

The controls instrumentation technicians of Double D Electrical & Instrumentation provide our clients with the highest level of service available in our industry today.

As a full-service instrument contractor, we have extensive experience and expertise in the industries we serve.

Because the proper and reliable operation of your systems depends on more than just installation, however, we provide our clients with specialized commissioning, startup and calibration services. To ensure the ongoing integrity of your systems, we provide detailed documentation and offer periodic maintenance and calibration as well.

Instrumentation Installation & Construction

We provide design/build as well as traditional construction and installation for controls instrumentation of all types, sizes and scopes. Throughout the past two decades, we have routinely worked with clients in virtually every commercial and industrial field.

This means we have the background and expertise to make your project a success.

For seamless integration of your systems, the Double D team does not stop at the instrumentation construction and installation phase. To ensure smooth coordination and strict adherence to the project schedule, we integrate the commissioning, startup and calibration of your systems into our comprehensive scope of work.

Instrumentation Calibration, Testing & Startup

Installing your system and instrumentation is only the first part of the process. Commissioning and pre-startup testing verifies that the system is operational and functioning per the project’s design specifications. Calibration is critical to a successful startup as well as the ongoing reliability and accuracy of your processes.

Calibration ensures that your instrumentation complies with the manufacturer’s guidelines and standards. Our team calibrates each device during installation or startup. We further perform periodic maintenance based on recommended service intervals.

Instrumentation Technician Documentation & Maintenance Service

A critical part of our service is the documentation we provide for your system, including testing, configuration and calibration. This way, whether you choose the Double D team or another firm to provide your ongoing service and maintenance — or if you elect to perform these tasks using in-house resources — you will have all the information necessary to complete routine maintenance and address any unexpected problems.

Our goal is to provide the documentation to keep your system in peak working condition. Should problems arise, you will have the data you need to troubleshoot the system, identify issues and make adjustments or repairs.

Finally, we are proud to offer our clients instrumentation maintenance and repair service. We are proud of the long-term relationships we develop with our clients. As the original contractor and installation technicians of record, who better to ensure that your system stays in top condition? We help our clients reduce unexpected outages and downtime, saving them money as well as hassle.

Contact the Double D team today to learn more about how we can add value to your project with our expert instrumentation technician services.