Industrial Level Measurement

In today’s instrumentation and control technology, level measurement provides the most reliable and efficient means of detecting process changes.

Although simple, this measurement produces rapid feedback that facilities managers can depend on to inform process automation management in real time.

Point & Continuous Level Measurement

These critical instrumentation components enable efficient and accurate operation while extending the useful life of equipment. Both continuous and point-in-time measurements can be applied in a wide variety of scenarios to help clients achieve their objectives.

Without the ability to measure and track levels, storage vessels can reach critically high (or low) levels, potentially causing damage to equipment, interrupting critical processes and causing a safety risk.

The Double D team uses our advanced knowledge and experience to determine the specific methods and metrics that will most benefit your facility’s instrumentation and process design.

Industrial Level Measurement Instrumentation Solutions

We design instrumentation solutions — including this critical measurement metric — based on our clients’ goals and objectives.

For example, we can design level measurement solutions to help clients track inventory and ensure consistent supply. We can also apply this technology to ensure safety and efficiency.

The specific technology used for measuring levels includes laser, radar, differential pressure and magnetic approaches. The right choice for your facility’s process control and instrumentation depends on what substance must be measured and where, as well as the design and elements of interrelated systems.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has the resources, experience and expertise to design instrumentation and process control systems to meet your every need. Contact us today to learn more about how level measurement plays a critical role in your Utah facility’s processes and operation.