Industrial Flow Measurement

Flow measurement is a critical component of industrial electrical, process control and instrumentation systems — because you can’t control what you can’t measure.

Here at Double D Electrical & Instrumentation, we understand the complexities of measurement technology. But we also appreciate how important flow rate is for optimizing your facility’s industrial processes.

Our experienced team has extensive education, training and experience in instrumentation and control system design. Every day, we put this knowledge to work for our clients as part of our industrial electrician services.

Industrial Flow Measurement in Instrumentation Systems

Most industrial electrical and process control systems operate continuously. Consequently, flow measurement is more representative and responsive than temperature or pressure. This measurement is also easier to obtain on a continuous basis.

Our team utilizes advanced technology and engineering principles to design automation systems that help our clients meet their objectives for performance, quality and reliability.

Flow meters — the instrumentation designed to measure flow rate in industrial process applications — is one of the tools we use most frequently.

Design & Installation of Flow Measurement Instrumentation

To measure electrical and mechanical flow, we incorporate fluid flow meters into both open- and closed-system channels.

We apply advanced data analytics and computational modeling to design the most responsive instrumentation systems available today. Our master electricians and highly trained technical team handle every aspect of instrumentation installation. Exacting calibration helps ensure optimal performance under all conditions.

To support ongoing operation and reliability, we also offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has more than 20 years of experience in industries that include food and beverage, waste treatment and mining. Contact us today to learn more. We provide the industrial electrical solutions that are ideal for your facility, including flow measure and instrumentation.