Instrument Commissioning

Once an industrial electrical system is in place, the instrument commissioning process helps to ensure that every component is functioning per the system’s design and the client’s objectives.

Engineered systems and controls only provide measurable value when the user understands their function and how to appropriately interpret the resulting data. In Utah, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation provides instrument commissioning as a part of our process control and automation services.

Instrumentation Commissioning: Testing & Verification

After verifying that all components are installed in accordance with system design and specifications, our team commences loop-checking and field-testing procedures for each instrumentation component.

Because the feedback loop is critical for responding to facility events, we also confirm the timely and accurate provision of instrumentation data.

Over the past 20-plus years that we’ve been serving clients, we have developed extensive guidelines for instrument commissioning. At minimum, we verify that process controls systems meet or exceed client requirements as well as the manufacturer’s guidelines and all governing regulations.

Once verified, we set about to the task of bringing the new system online and turning it over to the client.

Integrating Instrumentation Systems

A significant portion of the commissioning process involves turning over the system to the end user. This requires training of key personnel on both the operation and maintenance of system components.

Not only do we provide the necessary training for project handoff, but we also supply extensive documentation regarding your instrumentation system, including a full report of the commissioning process that complies with governing standards.

During this time, we will also help you establish a schedule and task list for periodic inspections and maintenance.

Contact the Double D team today with any questions or to learn more about how our instrument commissioning processes can benefit you.