Control Valve Installation & Design

In industrial electric instrumentation, control valves play a crucial role in process regulation, helping the system run within the desired range and tolerance.

As a part of automation and process control, valves rely on actuators and related components. Double D Electrical & Instrumentation offers our clients system design, valve specification, installation and maintenance as a part of our overall industrial electrician services.

Control Valve Design & Specification

We utilize a variety of valves in our instrumentation and automation design.

Some of the most common valve types include ball valves, globe and angle valves and butterfly valves. Even though this technology has been in use for decades, these components provide a high degree of consistency and accuracy.

System design for industrial applications typically involves the inclusion of controllers that guide the function and performance of each system component.

Control Valve Installation

Our team will install your control valves during construction, and we test and calibrate them to ensure integrity and performance.

In addition to installation for new construction, facility expansion and retrofit projects, the Double D team also offers comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Our preventive maintenance program involves periodic testing and monitoring to ensure each component is working as designed. For any valve found to be failing to perform as designed, we offer responsive repair or replacement as necessary.

When you trust Double D Electrical & Instrumentation as your Utah industrial electrician, you get the benefit of our more than 20 years of experience. Our project management team and master electricians understand the importance of effective instrumentation design to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Contact us today to request an estimate and to learn more about the important role of control valves in industrial electric systems.