Process Control Valves

Valves are a critical component of industrial process control systems. Used in conjunction with actuators, valves facilitate variable flow of liquids, gases, chemicals, etc.

Whether used in continuous or batch industrial processes, control valve assemblies, actuators and accessories must withstand constant use and pressure over long periods of time. Consequently, proper design and construction are critical for ensuring reliability and efficiency.

As a part of our industrial electrician and process control services, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation provides valve specification and installation for new construction, retrofits and facility expansion projects in Utah.

Industrial Process Control Valves

Industrial process valves come in a virtually limitless supply of materials, sizes and designs. The right design for your needs will depend on the nature of the process as well as the client’s budget and objectives. In most applications, we must also consider applicable building codes and governing safety regulations.

Commonly, our process controls design experts use butterfly and ball valves; however, we also utilize plug, globe, angle and specialty valves, depending on the application.

Process Control Valve Actuators & Accessories

Although you may have some limited need for manually controlled valves in your facility, most process applications rely on actuators and accessories for control.

Actuators can be pneumatic in design or powered by electricity, depending on the process application and environment. Switches, positioners, speed controls and mounting brackets are just a few of the accessories we may use to complete your system’s design.

As is the case with valves selection, you will ensure the stability and efficiency of your processes by choosing appropriately sized actuators and accessories and scheduling regular inspections and preventive maintenance service.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation provides industrial electrical design, installation, repair and maintenance services, including process controls and automation. Contact us today to discuss your project and to learn more about how we can assist you with valves, actuators and accessories.