Process Recorders

Process recorders and data loggers capture data in real time for the purpose of historical archiving. This technology also provides options for analyzing, sharing and exporting information.

By analyzing historical data and identifying relevant trends, you can optimize processes for improved efficiency and project future performance metrics.

Chart Recorders for Historical Data

If your facility requires tracking of historical data, strip and circular chart recorders provide a simple and accessible solution. These data-tracking devices record multiple input trends via paper chart printouts. These devices are appropriate for tracking metrics such as flow, temperature, pressure or humidity.

You can also choose process control recorders that feature LCD readouts, which provide at-a-glance status updates.

Paper-based, analog recorders are well-suited for a variety of industrial settings that could tax more sensitive digital technology.

Paperless Digital Recorders

To truly capitalize on the power of process visualization and analytics, paperless recorders capture data to create charts, graphs and various display readouts. This allows facilities managers and operators to archive process history and to share information digitally across various enterprise data platforms and applications.

To further capitalize on process recorder technology, many process controls manufacturers offer integrated software options. Process recorder applications facilitate system monitoring in real time and allow you to track and analyze trends. Using historical data, you can make process modifications to improve efficiency and reliability, reduce energy consumption or otherwise optimize performance.

You can also choose digital recorder systems with controllers, which provide operator interface and communication functions. Applications with diagnostics capability allow you to trace and troubleshoot problems in real time.

If you already have process recording capability at your Utah facility, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation can provide expert analysis and recommendations for optimizing your processes. Or if you would like to learn more about adding recorders to your process control equipment, contact us today.