Control Configuration & Setup

Process control configuration and setup is the framework upon which we help you optimize your facility’s efficiency, improving performance and reliability across the board.

For more than two decades, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has provided comprehensive process controls and automation for Utah clients as a part of our overall industrial electrician services. Controls help facilities reduce energy usage and cost while improving safety and profitability.

As a locally owned and operated industrial electric firm, Double D recognizes the importance of setting up and configuring control systems in a way that ensures effective operation but also simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance.

Control Setup & Configuration for Maximum Efficiency

Inefficient operation and control are common challenges in process control design and configuration, potentially wasting more energy than if the processes were undertaken manually.

Poor configuration and control system setup can also lead to the need for extra maintenance. Often, lead facilities management personnel must override the system and manually control the process.

Unfortunately, manually controlling any process means that no one is “minding the store” most of the time.

Expert Setup & Configuration of Process Controls

The process control experts at Double D Electrical & Instrumentation have the extensive training and experience necessary to configure and set up controls so that they deliver maximum efficiency.

Our focus is on consistency and reliability, but we also understand the importance of human monitoring and input. We design controls to clearly define and seamlessly integrate monitoring and controlling functions.

For highly efficient process control configuration and setup for your Utah facility, contact the Double D team today and learn more about our comprehensive industrial electric and automation services.