Industrial Electric Meters & Panels

For new construction and retrofits alike, meters and panels are a critical part of any industrial electrician’s power distribution services.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation offers meter and panel installation as a part of our comprehensive industrial electrician services. For more than two decades, we have designed panel and metering systems to help our clients meet their performance and consumption goals.

Industrial Electric Panels

Power distribution systems rely on panels and components, including circuit breakers, meters and bus bars. Low-tension and sub-low-tension panels house switchgear that distributes power throughout the system in configurations based on the type of electrical service the project uses.

Effective panel circuit board design — specifically meter configuration — requires training and experience. The Double D experts understand the fine details of this challenge and meet the demands of our clients, time and again.

Industrial Electric Meters

Industrial electrical system panels utilize various types of analog and digital meters, including power meters, ammeters and volt meters, to monitor and track power quality. Metering helps facilities make the most efficient use of their power, to save energy and the associated costs.

Most industrial facilities utilize three-phase power, especially for heavy-duty applications such as process control equipment, air handlers and chillers.

Effective meter communication is critical to help ensure proper operation and control. The Double D team can design panel layout and components, including all necessary meters.

Meters & Panels Installation and Service

For large industrial construction projects, panels and meters ensure the most efficient use and distribution of power. These components not only provide accurate and detailed insight into the disposition of resources, but they also protect your investment from power spikes and other potentially disruptive events.

Our team provides clients with exceptional service, quality and value, all within a culture that emphasizes safety as well as efficiency. Our service offerings begin with the design and conceptual phase of your project and stretch all the way to startup, turnover and warranty. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair service for our Utah clients, to ensure that your equipment continues to function as it was designed.

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