Electric Motor Installation & Design

In commercial and industrial applications, electric motors power countless processes in electric motor-driven systems (EMDSs). These systems are highly effective for converting electrical to mechanical power.

Used to power variable speed drives and transmissions and couplings, our clients need them for pumps, fans, compressed air systems and more.

Electric Motor Installation

In commercial and industrial applications, electric motors power everything from exhaust fans to water and air supply systems and ventilation. Double D Electrical & Instrumentation installs, maintains and repairs a full range of motors.

A sampling of the industries we’ve worked in over the past two decades includes utilities, manufacturing, food and beverage, mining and refineries.

Our dynamic approach to electrical construction provides key advantages for the client, including exceptional service, proactive communication and value engineering. With a strong focus on quality, safety and reliability, we also offer long-term maintenance and repair services to better support our clients.

Using Electric Motor Design to Maximize Efficiency

Electric motors and motor controls are a key component of virtually all industrial electrical systems.

When effective control strategies are incorporated into an industrial electrical system’s design, facilities can significantly improve electric motor efficiency. This can dramatically reduce power consumption and the associated costs.

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation specializes in the design and installation of electric motors for commercial and industrial applications. We provide an expert analysis of your systems to help guide your facility’s expansion or retrofit. For new systems, we provide state-of-the-art design.

Our value engineering services can help you evaluate alternatives for optimizing motor performance, calculating potential savings and determining the feasibility of modifying your project’s design.

Contact us today to learn more about our cradle-to-grave industrial electrician services, including electric motors and motor controls systems.