Industrial Electrical & Lighting Upgrades

When you need electrical and lighting upgrades or retrofits at your Utah facility, call on the experts at Double D Electrical & Instrumentation.

Our experienced team can help you design your upgrades or retrofit in a way that meets all your goals — from energy and cost savings to improved comfort and productivity for your employees.

Save Energy & Costs with an Industrial Electrical or Lighting Retrofit

Reducing your energy consumption is about more than the environment. It’s about reducing your company’s operating costs and enhancing your brand’s image.

Faced with rapidly increasing power costs, many commercial and industrial organizations are looking for ways to save money and more accurately project operating costs in the future.

In response to those needs, the Double D team has identified a variety of cutting-edge technologies that can assist you in meeting those goals. We also maintain an up-to-date database of available incentives from local utilities (such as Rocky Mountain Power), municipalities and governmental agencies. These incentives can drastically cut the cost of your upgrades while providing you a future of substantial cost savings.

Lighting & Electrical Upgrade Design & Construction

As a part of our comprehensive electrical service and maintenance programs, we offer our clients a full range of electrical design/build and construction services.

When you’re ready to upgrade some or all your facility’s lighting or electrical systems, we will work closely with your facilities team to schedule and stage the work according to your schedule and budget.

Our attention to detail and dedication to quality means that we put the necessary effort into planning your retrofit carefully. This helps us avoid any unexpected problems or challenges that could affect the project’s schedule or overall costs.

Contact the Double D Electrical team today to learn more or to request an estimate for your upcoming electrical and lighting upgrades.