Industrial Electrician in Wyoming

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation is Wyoming’s preferred industrial electrician and instrumentation technician.

Our experience spans two decades and multiple industries. For small retrofits to massive new construction projects, we put our experience to work for our clients. We have a commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, and our impressive safety record proves our dedication to excellence.

We understand the importance of providing results and value for our clients and we never fail to deliver our best work for you.

Industrial Electrical Contractor in Cheyenne

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation is proud to offer a full range of electrical contracting services to clients in Cheyenne and the surrounding areas of Wyoming. We provide the cost-effective solutions you need for your commercial or industrial construction project.

When you select our company to provide design services in addition to electrical construction, we can identify ways to lower your project costs without sacrificing quality or function.

In the field, our master electricians work diligently to ensure that every aspect of the installation meets or exceeds standards and expectations. We coordinate closely with your project team, construction manager and other trades to avoid the problems that commonly pop up during the installation process.

And when the time comes for commissioning, startup and turnover, we are there every step of the way to address any issues that may arise.

Casper Instrumentation Construction & Process Control Installation

Double D Electrical & Instrumentation has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your project’s success.

Our experience spans industries that include manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, high tech and more. We carry a variety of certifications and we have extensive experience with all the leading equipment and instrumentation manufacturers.

We are known for identifying creative solutions to many of the most common problems you may experience in process control and automation. We focus on optimizing your operations to maximize production and reliability while minimizing disruptions. Our proven processes and cutting-edge technology help ensure that we deliver your project on time and on budget.

Industrial Electric System Repair & Maintenance in Laramie

In Laramie and throughout Wyoming, Double D Electrical & Instrumentation offers our comprehensive repair and preventive electrical maintenance services. We have designed our service offerings to be flexible and scalable, allowing us to better meet your needs in a responsive, cost-effective manner.

Periodic inspection and preventive maintenance services help keep your operation running smoothly. But for those times when unexpected outages strike, our experienced technicians are standing by to handle the problem, whatever it may be.

Our service division is also equipped to handle electrical and lighting upgrades and retrofits. Our goal is to be your full-service electrical contractor for industrial and commercial facilities in Wyoming. To learn more about Double D Electrical & Instrumentation or to request a detailed cost estimate for your project, contact us today.